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About us

Our Values

We strive to help our clients build their dream site, but what really encompasses a dream site? We want to make sure our clients are fully informed on the aspects that make up a good site, and we aim to synergize these aspects with the vision of our client.

A good site involves an optimal user experience, with a quick load time, high-quality SEO practices, complete security, continued upkeep, and a clean-cut outstanding company image. A website needs to simultaneously scream a company’s brand while providing a good and secure experience for customers. Our goal is to be upfront and transparent with our clients and to provide the highest quality website in all regards with no BS and no hidden charges.

People Priority

We prioritize the goals of our clients and provide them with all the information and consultation they need or desire before building their website.

Quality of Work

The people behind Electron Website Development are highly motivated and want to provide you with the highest quality website for your business.


Not only do we want to help you develop an amazing site, but we want to teach you good website practices to ensure the success of your website.

Our Story

Electron Website Development started with two college students. Electra is a college senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Cameron is currently in his last few weeks of finishing his undergraduate degree in Software Engineering. In the past, Electra developed a website for her family Journalism Business, the Association of Objective Journalists, Inc. She thoroughly enjoyed creating the website and learned about website security, site speed, search engine optimization practices, etc. Later on, Electra was referenced by her mother to work on a dilapidated and outdated site for the Heathcote Botanical Gardens. For this site, she removed a ton of old content, removed malicious links that skimmed donation money from the site, and created some higher-quality photos for the website.

Electra realized her website experience and skills were valuable and enjoyed the work. She also realized she needed more flexibility with her work time since class times often interfered with a typical work shift. In the summer of 2023, Electra decided to start a website development business but realized she might need some help. Electra consulted her boyfriend, Cameron, about starting the business and asked if it was something he might be interested in. Cameron is a software engineer and could bring some valuable programming skills to the table. Cameron was enthusiastic about joining, and Electron Website Development was formed from there.

Interested in building your dream site?

Contact us for a free consultation. You pitch your idea to us, and we pitch our services to you. We want you to make the site your own, with or without us.

Client Reviews

“… Synergestic actionables. Organic growth deep dive but circle back or but what’s the real problem we’re trying to solve here?…”

Jane Austin

CEO, Founder

“… Synergestic actionables. Organic growth deep dive but circle back or but what’s the real problem we’re trying to solve here?…”

Jason Johnson

CEO, Founder